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Advice needed (Antwerp)

I am an American citizen whom has been living with my Belgian partner in Antwerpen for past two years. I am on the lease and pay half the bills. We had a disagreement a couple of months ago and he convinced the police to escort me from the property. He promptly changed all the locks and kept most of my belongings and money.

After consulting a lawyer here, they said it has to go through civil court which takes months if not years. The US Embassy says they are powerless. The police don't want to be involved in domestic issues.

Does anyone have any advice. I am living in sub-marginal conditions while trying to get assistance here. I have been robbed and assaulted and I don't know what to do. I am a college professor and I cannot get anyone to listen to my case. I am American, so I am the lowest on the list for any social assistance.

I am looking to return to the USA for a job in the near term, but I cannot leave without my legal papers and passport. The embassy is working to get this resolved, but said it might be another 2 weeks before they can get a resolution.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me at least to get to a place that is more safe while I am awaiting my paperwork?



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