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Astrologer in Antwerp: Consultation (EN/FR)

Professional Astrologer based in Antwerp gives consultation and lessons in Western Astrology. Trained at Faculty of Astrological Studies in UK, I provide you serious and professional reading of your birth chart and transits.

Here's how a reading can be useful:
- know when is a good time for what: what should you focus on right now? career, studies, personal relationship or building a home? Knowing the right timing, especially when you can get an extra boost from the Universe (Jupiter transits) can save you energy and bring extra result!

- know what to look out: Saturn transits tell you when you are supposed to be extra careful in certain areas of your life. They are also tests that you must take, pass or fail!

- Solar return and progressions: know what to expect during the year to come...

I charge 65 euros/hour for consultation. Face-to-face consultations or by skype are all availiable. Book your appointment here: Protected content Online payment accepted.

If you are interested in studying astrology, you can contact me by email. I encourage everyone who's interested in astrology to study some basics. Life is more than what you think it is!

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