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Doubts about Taxes and Cost of Living in Antwerp

I am an Italian citizen currently living in Argentina. I have recently received a proposal to work in Antwerp, Belgium in a new company that will be legally established/registered in Netherlands .-

The proposal I've received implies:

3500Euro monthly (gross salary), 42.000 Annually.-
Check Meals: 7 Euro a Day.-
DKV Health Insurance.-

Location of the position: Antwerp, Belgium

I would like to know how:

What would be my net salary?
Is it posible for expats to deduct some expenses from tax in Belgium
How much would it cost per month for a single guy to Rent an apartment in a nice place?
How much do the groceries on a supermarket would imply (aprox) for a single guy?
How Much does a monthly public transportation pass cost?

The most important thing is to know if I will be able to save some money at the end of the month or not.-

I look forward to your important reply.-

Best regards-.

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