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fingerprinting service (local police station?) (Antwerp)


As part of the work visa application process for U.S. citizens (to work in Belgium), I have to get fingerprinted. Usually this is done in the U.S., at a local police station or service. But since I'm currently here in Antwerp, I would like to get it done now so as to save some time when I return to the U.S. to file the visa application.

Has anyone done this in Antwerp before or have heard of where to do this? I will try asking the federal police station I guess...I've also heard there may be fingerprinting done at the Brussel Airport.

I've called the U.S. embassy in Brussel, they do provide fingerprinting but for 55 Euros per fingerprint. I need 10 fingerprints (for a standard finger print card), so the cost is prohibitive.

Thanks for any tips.


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