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Looking for dog sitter near by Antwerpen

Hello there,

I was dispatched to Antwerpen since beginning of Protected content to my job rotation, and will be staying here for 3 years. As I didn't like to leave my dog son alone in my home country, I decided to bring him with me. However, I will have to travel back to my home country, Taiwan, for 2 weeks twice a year, and I cannot find a good solution for my dog son during my absence.

It's really hard for a foreigner, who don't understand any dutch in belgium, to find a dog sitter and don't know where to look for. I've been googling many websites about the dog shelters or dog kennels nearby antwerp for some time already, but those places are always not able to satisfy me, needless to say to leave my dog to them.

My dog son, Poca, is a Shiba Inu with 10 KG of 5 years old. He is very calm and quiet, and even won't give any bark at home. The only thing to easily piss off him and will "shout" out is to meet with dogs that are bigger than him, especially Mastiff and Husky. I'll always leash him on the other way round to avoid any occasion of face-to-face. On the contrary, those dogs, like Chihuahua, Poodles, and Jack Russells, are his favorites to make friends. He was taught well with understanding on some instructions. Though he is full of agility and energetic, he won't bite furniture and won't pee/puu at home at all until bringing him out of the door.

I'm looking for a dog-lover who is able to take good care of my dog son. I'm planning to have the trip during mid of May, and desperately need assistance from this forum. Can anyone here give any suggestion?

Thank you, Brian

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