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Meeting expats (+ partners) in Antwerp summer 2017

My story in a nutchell.

Normally I could have become an expat too. Even way back in the early '90s, after I had been a volunteer in Kenya and Ghana. With the right connections: why not?

I came back in Flanders at the age of 30. I was suffering of a cultureshock and the world had it's first Gulf War. After a while I met a great guy, Peter. He's an arthistorian and conceptual artist. We fell in love and in Protected content - finally - could marry.

In Protected content finished college with his never ending and creative help. But allas, two years later- at Boxing Day in Protected content got a cva and because of that, a severe aphasia.

Since then, I'm a caretaker. Behind the screens, most of the actions that take place are: mis-leading, bullying, threatening, stealing and so on. This reality will never get into the official records of Belgium but I have to deal with it. I have to survive it. A lawer helps me out.

I want to make contact with nice people, good educated and much more important: intelligent and the heart at the right place. I want to escape of the gravity of being a caretaker. Life of an expat (or the partner) is'nt always easy but if we can be there for each other in a good way: why not? I love to sing fifties rock'n and roll, sixties, seventies. Have a coffee or cold tea on a terrace. I am a calm person.

GOOD NEWS: We live in a nice appartment, in a dynamic neighbourhood. It's like Antwerp but on a very little scale with free parking. Heist op den Berg has it's own cultural center and nice pubs around my corner. These days most people sit on a terrace, the service is easy going.

With your help I'd like to discover your project and Antwerpen. Soon I'll have my weekly day off and then we can meet. For those who might be interested: we're looking for an assistant for Peter. This person can work via T-Interim. Heist op den Berg is easy to reach by train.

**** Mobile phone: Protected content 11 am. Protected content Take care, Dirk. ****

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