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Possibly moving to Antwerp, could use some advice

Hi everyone. I’m an American currently living in Marseille with my wife (half American / half French) and our two boys (3 years / 3 months). I’ve just been given a job opportunity in Antwerp. Other than a quick 2 day visit 3 years ago, I know little about the city/life/people/child support so I’m taking a crash course in all things Antwerp. After moving to Marseille (not speaking any French) I have a great appreciation for the kind of support/advice a site like this can offer.

Our biggest worry is the language. We both speak both English and French, but my wife is a physical therapist (trained in France) and is concerned about all of the professional documentation being in Flemish. Does anyone have any experience in the medical field and would be able to shed some light on this issue? When you go to the Dr’s do they fill out the prescriptions/ reports in Flemish or will they do it in English/French if asked? Dropping our oldest into a Flemish speaking school is also a bit of a concern. He does very well with English and French, but I’m concerned adding a 3rd language this early may put him in overload. Are all of the schools Flemish speaking or are you able to find public French/English speaking schools? How difficult is it to get into a daycare (or nanny)? Any advice/insight anyone can give me on these subjects, as well as cost of living, overall experience with the people, places to look for housing etc would be greatly appreciated. Protected content

Thanks in advance,

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