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Returning BE expats: Checklist/rights/obligations? (Antwerp)

Dear InterNations Antwerp Folks,

We are a family with three kids, planning to return to Antwerp, after sixteen years of expatriation in Turkey, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia and Malawi.

We have lost touch a bit with Belgium, and would be very grateful if anyone of you could share with us a sort of checklist of things that we need to arrange and bring in order upon return, so that we can regularize our stay in Belgium as soon as possible. Things like inscription at the commune, new school for the kids, social security and taxes come to mind.

Having more clarity about our rights and obligations as returning expatriates would also be very useful for us. I am also interested in information on setting up a company (BVBA).

It would further be great to learn about any services in Antwerp / Belgium that specifically cater to the needs of returning expats (VIW seems to have a new initiative in that sense).

Thank you very much for any helpful information, experiences and feedback that you can share!

Warm regards & see you in 't Stad!

Christophe Horvath
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