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Televisionshoot (Antwerp)


Dear ,

We're shooting very last minute a couples of scenes this afternoon in Mechelen. This wouldn't take more than a couple of hours and we're looking for 2 woman to say a few lines in front of the camera and do some testimonials. It won't be negative for America or Americans in general. We've planned to shoot during the afternoon from 2 pm till 6 pm but we are flexible and can change the start time.
We're looking for two women with a regular American accent.
We're also giving out a reward of 35 euros to whoever is willing to help us. There is something to drink and to eat, and you can also bring stuff if you have to wait but we are going to try to avoid that. It will be a pleasant experience !

The television program is about a famous Belgium man who is learning how to make television. The premiss of our tv-show is :
About a year ago, Flanders got to know Umesh, the loveable man who played the clumsy fixer ‘Haldis’ in the hit TV show The Biker Boys. Numerous groundbreaking ideas, several spectacular stunts and the purchase of a vintage camper van later, the new TV star is back in business. He has been given the unhoped-for chance to make his own TV show for Belgium’s biggest TV channel and now he only has one goal – to finally win the hearts of his viewership. All his attempts at this are collected in one trendy magazine packed with quirky reports, lessons from the best in showbiz and remarkable takes on existing TV formats… or will it turn out differently?

Thanks for wanting to spread out this information for us. We're having a really tough time trying to find people.
Hope to hear from you soon, you can always call me on the number below, send me an email or text me a message.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

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