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Internet informations (Ashgabat)


Hi everyone,

My name is Walid, i come from france, i am 27 years old and i might come to ashgabat for work. I read everypost in this forum (thanks for all the informations provided) but i still dont have the informations that i was looking for about internet.

I understand that internet is limited and using a vpn is a good solution to overpass this issue.

But i am still wondering how is the speed limit ? enough to watch a movie in streaming without waiting 1 hour of loading ? Low definition / HD ?

Does the ping is correct and stable ?

How much does cost the 3g/4g subscription ? is it unlimited data ?

I am kind of an internet addict, this is the big issue of my decision about ashgabt ;-).
I am sure i will find my way to enjoy the Customs , culture and the few laws restrictions in this country!

See you!

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