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Questions about moving to Ashgabat

Hi all,
I have a perfect job offer in Ashgabat Turkmenistan.I work in aviation industry and just returned to my hometown istanbul from Seattle.I have been looking for a job for the past few months when this job offer came along.It is something I don't want to miss.But I have been doing some online research about Turkmenistan and what I read got me worried.Although all the stuff I read was on a Turkish website with input from the people who have been living there,it was still enough to get me confused.I couldn't find any local sites and figured it was due to the lack of internet in the country.
So some of the things I read are : foreigners are not allowed to be out after 11pm,all the expats are in close watch by the cops and authorities,the internet is very expensive and rare,there's bribing for everything,it is completely closed to the outside world,it's very easy to be deported,you have to be at your residential address at night and other stuff like these which sound very upsetting.So I started thinking if it was really worth moving here.I personally am a very outgoing and social person.I try to party out at clubs as much as possible.I have lived in Los Angeles and Seattle where I was extremely outgoing and active,same for my hometown istanbul.And also internet is a big part of my life.So when I'm moving to the next city in my life,I at least expect it to be like Istanbul or better.I am a very free spirited person,I have been playing drums for 15 years and have been heavily involved in music industry as well.
Well this is a little information about me,I hope I could express myself and what I am like and what I enjoy in life a little.From what i have been reading I understand there's too little in terms of nightlife,or life at all.since curfew is at 11pm it seems to be so naturally.These facts make it sounds like the city is not worth spending years there.So I am wondering if there's any truth to what I have read.I can see there's quite a number of expats on this site alone so I think it shouldn't be that bad after all.Well I hope you will ease my curiosity and help me make this big decision about moving.Thanks all in advance.
Bugra Oguzulgen

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