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Working in Asmara

As the capital of the country, most major Eritrean businesses have their headquarters in Asmara. Many of these companies are working on a global scale and are therefore open to the expat job market. In addition to that, global resources contribute a lot to the economy. Discover more in the InterNations Expat Guide!

Local Economy

Eritrea has achieved substantial economic growth in the last few years and that is reflected in the expansion of the local economy in Asmara, which has a huge amount of influence on the country's overall financial health. 

Good natural resources are one of the main reasons for the solid growth in the Eritrean economy, with the development of the gold and silver Bisha mine one of the main reasons for recent expansion.

Asmara is the center for education in Eritrea, so there are plenty of opportunities in this area for foreigners who want to work in Asmara.

Job Hunting in Asmara

Teaching jobs are among the easiest positions to find for those who want to work in Asmara, although the relatively diverse local economy means there are opportunities in various sectors. The University of Asmara is one of the top employers in the city, with five excellent research centers, which include the Medicinal Plants and Drug Discovery Research Center and the Natural Resources and Environment Research Center.

The internet is the ideal place to search for jobs in Asmara, with Jobserveafrica among the most useful websites for those seeking work in Asmara. 

Work Permits in Asmara

Work permits for foreigners moving to Asmara are secured from the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare in the city and should be applied for by the company that the expatriate is contracted to work for.

Among the documentation that will need to be produced for work permits to be granted are bank statements, passports and flight itinerary. A confirmation from the Ministry is necessary.

After that your local Eritrean embassy can issue your employment visa, which is vital to work in the country.

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