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Housing costs (Asunción)

Hi, I am from USA living in Uruguay. I have been here since Protected content . I love the freedom here but so far, have not been able to find decent housing. I don't want to spend years fleeing from one place after another. I am looking for a very private and quiet place. Apparently, rents are cheap there, which is good, and it sounds like cost of living is much lower than it is here in USA. I have so little money but cannot tolerate "roommate" nor "shared" situations. Right now, I have a house in the country but apparently this is a slum here, that is, the landlord built these houses too close together on a small plot of land just to make money. It's like my neighbors are so close they are breathing down my neck. The noise is awful, too. I thought I'd look into Paraguay. I can't keep moving and then, finding not only disappointment, but feeling like I can't live there another second.

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