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Looking for voluntary work in South America (Asunción)


Hello everyone,
I always wanted to go to South America and I would like to fulfill my dream very soon. I would love to find voluntary work and move there at the beginning of next year. I am interested to work in NGO, because I have graduated from political science, but anything would be suitable for me. It actually doesn’t matter which country it is, but I am very interested in Paraguay. The most important for me is the opportunity to live there and learn Spanish.

That is why I am writing here. I wanted to ask you, if you know any companies interested in hiring volunteers? Unfortunately my level of Spanish is basic, so most likely it supposed to be international company.
It would not be a problem for me to find sending organization but I cannot find any host organization.
I would really appreciate any help, tips and hints regarding voluntary work in your country!

I have also posted this message in other groups, because I am really desperate to find some information and help. Hope you understand it!

Thank you in advance!


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