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Moving to Paraguay - Questions... (Asunción)


Hello, first post here, so I hope anyone is kind enough to respond. I've been offered a job in Paraguay which I am considering and I am looking for some advice. If anyone has the time to respond to these questions, I would really appreciate it.

1. Does anyone know what kind of VISA requirements there are for Spanish citizens for permanent residency? My girlfriend would be moving with me. I read somewhere that it is enough to have a certain amount of money in a Paraguayan bank account. Is that the case?

2. What is the crime like in Asunción? I've lived in Mexico City and understand that it is nothing like that, but is it relatively insecure after dark?

3. How much should a couple consider for food expenses per month?

4. I've read and heard that $800 is enough to rent a house in Asunción? True? How would the quality be?

5. How big of a problem are mosquitos and bugs? If you have a pool, are you very likely to attract more bugs and stuff? Recommendable or not to have a pool?

Thank you all for your time.

Kind regards,

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