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Software Entrepreneur Looking for Roommates (Asunción)


I'm moving to Asunción within the next 2 weeks, and I will be living in the city for the next Protected content . My goals for Protected content a bit more stability in my life, so I am temporarily setting down the permanent traveler torch so I can work on my projects for a bit.

I have found that I am way more productive, adventurous and all-around happier when I have Protected content roommates around. Know thyself, I guess (:

So if you are also moving to the city within the next few weeks, or if you already have a place but are looking for a roommate, let's connect!

Here's a bit about me:

I'm 28½, originally from the US (most recently from the DFW area, though I spent a lot of time in the Midwest as well). Protected content ago, I set out on a mission to live abroad for at least the next 5 years, and I am spending the first two years in Latin America.

I'm a software entrepreneur; I've got a couple of projects that I want to get off the ground this year, which I'll be spending most of my time during the day working on.

In the evenings, I usually like to keep things low-key: good food, great conversation, that sort of thing. I also like the occasional adventure, whether that takes the form of a daytrip, exploring a new attraction or part of town or just hopping on a motorcycle and taking a ride.

I'm still learning Spanish. I'd consider myself intermediate; I can manage day-to-day, but I'm still a little slow in conversation.

And a little bit about whom I'm looking for...

I'd prefer somebody close to my own age and gender, but ultimately I'm more interested in the personality than the demographics, so if you think we'd make awesome roommates, I'd love to hear from you!

I'd prefer somebody who speaks at least some English. You don't have to be fluent; in fact, I had a great time staying with a friend in Santiago this past month who was learning English (and who taught me some Spanish in return). Hopefully within a few months, English stops being a requirement for me (:

About my only other requirement is friendliness. Beyond that, I'm pretty flexible (:

Bonus points if you enjoy strength training, motorcycling, cooking, learning Spanish, traveling and/or entrepreneurship!

I look forward to meeting you (:

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