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Athens to Nafplio Travel Advice Please!

I've arranged somewhere to stay in Nafplio and my provisional search seemed to indicate there was a good train service that ran from Athens to Nafplio, via Corinth.

But now, as I try to book tickets, I can't seem to find a train service at all. One post I found says the route from Corinth to Nafplio has been suspended, but there's no date on the post or any specifics.

The 'official' train site Protected content lists Nafplio as a destination but provides no timetable when I search on dates. Although it doesn't list Corinth as a destination! (With that said, the destinations are not in alphabetical order and Greek and other Balkan countries' cities are all jumbled together, so it doesn't inspire confidence!)

Can anyone here please help me with this? I'm in Athens and will be travelling from Athens to Nafplio - I don't have an international driving licence so I will not be driving or hiring (so much Greek travel advice seems to assume driving is an option.)


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