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coffee, tea & chocolate business opportunity. (Athens)


To whom it might concern,

My name is George Lourtianakis (obviously) and I really like the community.

I am posting this new thread because I work with an International group of entrepreneurs and we are setting up a global distribution network for a healthier coffee.

This project is fully funded, and we are not looking to raise funds.

This project is in progress only the past 5 years, but we are already in more than 36 countries

My business partners and I are using Greece to launch the project all around the world and in some countries, we already have.
That is the reason I am contacting you.

We are looking for open and like minded people who can work with us in expanding this extra-ordinary opportunity in their region of the world using Greece as home base.

If such a proposal sounds interesting please let me know as soon as possible, as time is of the essence.

I cannot promise anything to anyone.

What I am willing to do, is send you some initial information and then we can setup a personal meeting or a personal contact via Skype with me, and/or with my business partners.

Thank you for your time,
George Lourtrianakis

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