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Language exchange services (Athens)

Hi everyone. I'm new to internations. I'm an English teacher in Thassos and I work online.

I wonder if there are any English speaking ex-pats who would like to practise speaing Greek with my Greek students who want to practise speaking English.

It's tough living in Greece if you are not fluent. Talking to a student on skype or google hangouts is the perfect solution for improving confidence and language skills from the comfort of your own home ,in a safe learning environment before braving it 'out there' on the streets.

Even if your Greek is okay you may wish to improve it to be as articulate as you are in English. My students are advanced students of English - mostly from Athens.But beginners in Greek can also do this.

As they are in my learning programme that requires them to speak English online as part of their lesson plan homework, they will be delighted to help you with Greek in return.

This is open even to those who would have fun chatting to my Greek students or who want to see what it's like to 'teach' online. I'll be happy to advise aspiring online teachers if they help me with this language exchange.

Also maybe some of you have bilingual teenagers who would like to communicate with my students online.

Looking forward to some feedback:))

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