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Looking for Job in Athens


Hey people, how are you? :-)

Iam looking for a job in Athens and I thought I send this message out here. I am an applied mathematician with bachelor diploma in informatics. I have solid experience in programming C,C++ and JAVA and short experience in C#.

I hold Ph.D. in natural sciences from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. During my Ph.D. I worked for model identification and parameter estimation staff. Thanks to this, I have solid experience in mathematical optimization.

I am working now for the american comapny the MathWorks at Munich office as technical pre-sales. BUT, I want to move to Athens permanently!

Since, μιλάω πολύ καλά Ελληνικά και απλώς...σας αγαπώ, σαν χώρα και σαν ανθρώπους! :-) Θα χαρώ πάραπολύ εάν θα μου πείτε για ανοιχτές ευκαιρίες που ταιριάζουν το προφίλ μου. Πρὀς το παρόν κοιτάω Protected content εντατικά και στέλνω αιτήσεις αλλά... δεν παίρνω καία απάντηση.... :-(

Σας ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων!
Maybe see ya in Athens once I am there! and I am ofthen there...

your sincerely/με εκτίμηση
Maka Karalashvili

P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention that I speak following languages: English, German, Russian, Greek (modern) and Georgian (native).

Since Greece is very international this is important... Thanks!

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