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Military service (Athens)

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of obtaining Greek citizenship by doing military service. I am Australian born to Greek parents. I found the following information online:

According to Article 4 of the Greek Citizenship Code:

1. Aliens of Greek ethnic origin, admitted to military academies as officers or non-commissioned officers of the armed services or enlisted in the armed services as volunteers, in accordance with current regulations, lawfully acquire Greek citizenship from the time of their admittance to such institutions or from their enlistment.

However I have no idea who to contact regarding more information about length of service and what is involved to enlist etc. I began applying for a Greek passport through embassy in Australia earlier in the year however this was taking to long and as i will be in Greece in a week's time it will not be ready. Therefore I am travelling there using an Australian passport and I believe I can not apply for extended visa, residency or work permit whilst there. I am a bit unclear on what my options are as the information I get from embassy in Australia is not clear. Basically I want to stay in Greece for up to a year with the option to work if possible. Any information that may help would be greatly appreciated.

Look forward to any responses. thanks

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