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Moving to Greece - where to go? (Athens)


We have to move soon and are considering the island Evia/Chalkida. We would like to be fairly near an airport and in touch with a city but still removed enough to feel we are living well away from hustle and bustle. We have 5 cats and 2 dogs and have been told Evia may suit our lifestyle. We do not want to live near high traffic zones for pet safety reasons and enjoy being quite removed although we want to be able to participate within a community at times.

One thing I loathe is strong winds. We currently live in Cyprus and have been blown to pieces from March 1st and it hardly ever seems to stop this year. I am aware the Cycladic islands are very windy. Are all the islands pretty windy? We wish to live near the water and do not know how possible it is to rent a house with a pool or if it is even necessary.

Another thing we are considering is the smog / pollution level. I have quite bad allergies and need clean air. Is Evia / Chalkida far enough away from Athens to be considered clean?

In Sept / Oct I will be going over to check out a few places and would really love some suggestions as to the best places for us to live.

Our main factors are:
Possible rural environment but still close enough to get supplies (supermarket within 20 minutes)
Clean Air
Nice beaches
Kind community
Fairly close to Athens or a major airport

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