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My new restaurant!
von Grigorios Papantonis, Freitag, 27. Januar Protected content 18:37
My new concept is on and is an alternative Indian bar-restaurant.

The idea was that of my Indian associates(!!) and sounded intriguing.
The moment I stepped into the abandoned garage with its 5-meter ceilings, I instantly felt that I had just taken the first step in creating something unique.
My idea was to interfere only minimally with the floor plan, thus creating a free, relaxing atmosphere, and to leave plenty of room for the vibrant, multicolored Indian decoration. Beyond all this, we worked hard to surprise you with our menu, which includes both classic and revisited traditional Indian recipes from the kitchen, familiar cocktails with an Indian twist at the bar and a unique musical blend, on the decks. .

Needless to say, I am proud of having taken part in the creation of a truly genuine and inspired venue.

"Bollywood" Indian Bar and Restaurant
Elasidon 29, Gazi
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