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Maximum price enforced by (Ministerial Decree) on taxi-ride fares from Athens International Airport to City Centre (one-way) or from Athens City Centre to Athens International Airport:
Details: From 1 February Protected content , by Ministerial Decree, a maximum price/rate can be charged by all taxi drivers for rides (a) from Athens International Airport to Athens City Centre and (b) From Athens City Centre to Athens International Airport, i.e. they CANNOT charge you more than this fee.
The maximum price is : (i Protected content (from 05:01 hrs to 23:59 hrs), (ii Protected content (from 00:00 hrs to 04:59 hrs) (all times are local time, i.e. greek time, GMT+2).
N.B. The time that determines what maximum price you can pay is the ARRIVAL time. Example 1: If you leave Athens Airport by taxi at 23:45 hrs and arrive at Athens City Centre at 00:20, the taxi driver can charge you up to 50 Euro. Example 2: If you leave Athens City Centre at 04:45 and arrive at Athens International Airport at 05:15, the taxi driver can charge you up to 35 Euro.
Price includes all extra charges such as “initial charge” (known as “simea” in greek), airport fee, suitcases, tolls for using Attiki Odos motorway.
Attention: This the maximum rates Protected content 50 Euro) are ONLY applicable from/to places lying INSIDE the Athens “inner ring” known as “daktilios” ring. So, when I write "Athens City Centre", what I really mean is “any place lying inside the “daktilios” ring". And, if I understand correctly, it applies for getting a taxi/cab from the street, by making a sign with your hand to the taxi driver to stop (i.e. if you book a taxi from your hotel with an appointment, there is an extra booking charge).
To check whether you destination or point or departure lies inside the “daktylios” ring, kindly see
Protected content
(you’ll need to zoom in on the greek “delta” sign on google map)
So, if you are going by taxi from Athens airport to a destination lying inside the “daktilios” ring, or alternatively depart from a place located inside the “daktilios” ring to the airport, you CANNOT be charged more than this maximum price of 35 or 50 Euro. If you are asked to pay more, refuse to pay it and get taxi drivers plate number and call Protected content or Protected content anywhere)!
Attention! This maximum price is NOT applicable to/from any place lying OUTSIDE the Athens “daktilios” ring (i.e. it is NOT applicable for example, to/from Glifada, Kifissia, Maroussi, Voula etc). In this case, the usual taxi-meter charge plus additional charge for airport fee, tolls, suitcases etc will apply.

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