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New Years Gift to IN (Athens)

New Year's Magick in 7 simple steps.

1)Light a candle purposefully asking the Divine or Spirit to be present.
2)Ground yourself as this plants you firmly in the present moment. It anchors you in the now.
See and visualize roots coming out of your feet reaching down, the sweet spot of the fiery earth centre. Like a tree.
3)Take many deeps breaths allow full exhalation three times and imagine that you are the breath of the Divine.
See and visualize your higher self, or anything you feel keen to, exhaling their breath and yourself inhaling theirs. Do that several times until you feel it.
4)Then picture a golden flame at your heart centre and imagine that it sends golden light to the rest of your body.
Centering this way will allow you to fuse your current reality with the desired one.
5)Next step visualize the desired reality as clearly as you can. If you can inject the image of the desired reality in your third eye with as much emotional energy as possible.
The final step is to merge your desired version of reality with the one that you’re in. This is achieved by identifying both as being one and the same together with believing that what you visualized is the present reality.

6)The second part which is vital to reality manifestation is requesting/petitioning. This is the act of directing a request/petition toward all higher positive aspects of your consciousness and/or Spirit. This will allow you to make use of the network of positive forces of which you are apart. You may do this while images are flowing in your mind's eye.
7)Last but not least, do the work! Be assured that you will be assisted if it is not detrimental to your evolutionary path.
At the same time we cannot visualize our ideal reality and presto it’s there. Because our desired reality aligns with our own via synchronicities, it’s important that we do the legwork on a mundane level too.

Radiate opportunity and joy.
I hope this sees you manifesting your desires and creating the life of health abundance and happiness which you so deserve.
Blessed be.

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