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Revolution Cosmetic (Athens)

My name is Philip Lynley from Manchester, England and I am promoting cosmetic surgery here in Athens.

A full range of cosmetic procedures are available, including micro hair transplant, at affordable costs. I am collaborating with a very good surgeon who has excellent facilities in his private clinic which has an excellent history over 15 years.

In recent years, people's attitudes towards cosmetic surgery have changed quite dramatically. It is now widely acceptable, for both women and men, to undergo cosmetic procedures. At the same time, surgical techniques have become less invasive and more subtle.

The most popular cosmetic procedure is liposuction,which is the removal of fat.This is traumatic for the body.
What I am involved in promoting is an exciting revolutionary procedure called SlimLipo which simply melts the fat away and it is then gently removed from the body.

Contact Information
Please contact Philip Lynley
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For more information feel free to contact me
from Mon-Sun, 8am -10pm

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