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Theater is over. Now what? (Athens)

After spending some time in Greece in what I had envisioned as tactical underemployment, it’s come time to stop competing unsuccessfully with third world immigrants for manual labor jobs, and put my education and upbringing to use. If there’s anyone out there looking for a hand getting your newborn enterprise rolling, I’m a flexible guy with reasonable salary expectations.

I’m looking for a startup to dig into. I’ve done lots of stuff, but it’s really the only environment in which I’ve ever felt at home. The specific aims of the business are of secondary importance, so long as they are legal. I’m interested in and moderately literate in matters of technology. I’ve got some background in manufacturing also, specifically as it concerns window glass.

Where some can claim the title of serial entrepreneur, I have to admit that it’s never yet been my own money on the table. Nevertheless, I like the vibe of figuring out new things. It doesn’t bother me to navigate in uncharted territory. I don’t mind taking on various roles in quick succession according to the present needs of the organization, which I would consider a virtue (even though in Greece this seems to be viewed with suspicion if not outright contempt.)

If you or someone in your network should be looking for such an individual as a sort of Man Friday, please think of me. I’d prefer to remain based in Athens, but that is not absolutely essential. CV upon request.

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