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Theater night! (Athens)

This Friday at 8:30pm at the National Theater of Athens, the wonderful Greek director Spyros Evaggelatos and his group present "Vasilikos" written by Matesi.

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Translating from the Theater page:

"The Royal" by Anthony Matesi, written in Protected content , was inspired by the great revolutionary movements of the period. It summarizes the positions of the Renaissance, representing in a convincing way the culture and atmosphere of the Venetian era in the Greek island of Zakynthos. The writer softens the dramatic tension of the plot, bringing to it skillfully comic episodes, and local melodies. The condemnation of the prejudices and the vision of a fairer society are the central themes of the play, which is rightly characterized the cornerstone of modern Greek theater.

Translating part of a note from the director:
"The Royal" was finished in Protected content , when the Ionian Islands were under
British "protection" (in fact, British rule). The story of the play is situated some Protected content earlier, during the Venetian rule.
It is my opinion -says the director- that Matesis placed the story of his play in
Protected content , in order to avoid reactions of the social elites of his time when the British had again the "upper hand" in terms of financial control and political power in the islands. To avoid, therefore, unpleasant "misunderstandings" and to have the freedom to criticize events of his era, he "moved" the story to the past.

The plot itself is a love story. A girl loves a boy but they come from very different worlds with him being a "commoner" and her being the daughter of an upper class "eupatridi".

It helps to know Greek to watch this play!
For lovers of the Greek theater, there is another "bonus": in the role of the Father of the girl we will enjoy the very good (and very handsome) Greek actor Νικήτα Τσακίρογλου.

Join me this Friday!
The National theater is near Omonoia square.
Email me for details.

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