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Written by Eugenia Daglas

"OMMA STUDIO" theater, after the very successful presentation in Athens during February - March Protected content the theatrical play with the title: " THE UNKNOWN LAND" written by the newly appearing writer Eugenia Daglas, is presenting again the play for 8 performances from 5th October up to 12 October Protected content the theater "Under the Bridge" ("kato apo tin gefyra")

A play within the spirit of the times of absolute loneliness and dead end, a play that combines violence with tenderness. A poetic reference to the inner "Unknown land" hidden in all of us and which requires substantial contact with the world and the people around us, in order to be perceived.

A few information about the play:

The "UNKNOWN LAND" is an existential drama that is moving as does the scene in which it is deployed - on two axes:

between reality and dream, with alternating realistic and surrealistic scenes. The play is about loneliness, fear and the alienation of man, who is living entrapped in a very limited part of the existence, "the habitable part of life" -while there is an immense area, the Unknown Land, that represents the unexplored, our deeper potential, Life in its entire spectrum, that may have the solution for the fears and the dead ends of man. The play is moving on two axes, the linear Time, which is familiar and in the realistic scenes of which the story of the play is deployed, the instances of a meeting between three characters and the other Time, the unknowing one, the inner one, which is not counted and in the surreal scenes of which our story is deployed, Soul instances.

Contributors to the play:

Text: Eugenia Daglas

Stage direction: Antonis Diamantis

Scenery Manolia Kokologianni

Costumes / Lights: Antonis Diamantis

Director assistant : Eleni Strataki

Video Art: Ilias Apostolides

Photography : Marios Lolos

Scene technicians : Ilias Starras, Venizelos Vretzos

Production: OMMA STUDIO Theater


Actors :

Woman: Korina Apostolopoulou

Margarita: Irini Koutsaki

Passer-by: Giannis Paneris

First performance: Friday, October 5th, Protected content

Last performance: Friday, October 12th Protected content

Performances: 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 of October Protected content

Time of performances : daily at 21.00

Ticket price: Protected content

Duration: 70’

Theater UNDER THE BRIDGE -"KATO APO TIN GEFYRA (the square outside the train station "Neo Faliro", Tel. : Protected content Protected content

Omma Studio theatre is presenting also the epic poem of Vincentzos Kornaros "Erotokritos" in the same theatre on Saturday 13th and Sunday the 14th October Protected content .

Ticket for both performances: 15 euros

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