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AIESEC Life Hub has been formed in Atlanta!

For anyone who has ever been involved with AIESEC around the world, here in the U.S. a few years back was formed AIESEC Life, a separate Protected content non-profit organization that is focused on by-alumni, for-alumni activities and benefits. This was after recognition that the students in AIESEC were never going to have sustainable alumni activities or management. ;)

AIESEC Life has its own Board, finances, newsletters, events, and HUBS! Hubs are like the LC's of AIESEC Life and are usually based in cities. Atlanta has just formed an AIESEC Life hub led by Param Randhawa (AIESEC Georgia Tech, Protected content think...) who currently works for PWC.

We had an AIESEC Life get-together Thursday night last week and had folks from all over the world attend and alumni from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and one current members. So every decade covered. ;) At the event I heard Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and English, but I'm sure there was more I didn't hear.

So, wherever you come from, if you are an AIESEC Alumnus or past AIESEC supporter, friend, company, etc. check out AIESEC Life:

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