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Creating Credit History from outside of the USA (Atlanta)

Hi all,

I´ll be changing from Santiago de Chile to Atlanta, Georgia in the US at the beginning of Protected content . During my research for the change the topic of a credit history always came up, which seems to be quite hard to transfer from other countries to the US.

Therefore I would like to open a bank account in an American Bank like e.g.

Bank of America
J.P. Morgan

even though I am still based in Santiago de Chile.

Anybody within this Forum which is working for an American Bank and could help me out to open a bank account in the US from Chile? Or who can help me out with advices? I read lots of things, also about the Application for IRS Individual
Taxpayer Identification Number etc., but it´s always good to double check or validate information with experiences or knowledge.

Bascially what I want to do is, open a bank account, deposit some money, get a mobile phone contract or sth. similiar where I have to pay a fixed amount every month in order to create already a credit history. This would help me out, not arriving completely "blank" at the beginning of Protected content .

Any tips are more than welcome.

Thanks for your support!


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