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General questions re. Haulage & driving licenses! (Atlanta)

Hi again everyone! I'm pleased to say my fiance visa application was granted so I'll be moving over to Atlanta by the end of June! I'm so happy (and terrified!) but I realise the hard work really starts now and there's a couple of things I was wondering if anyone had any advice on, namely:

- (Possibly UK specific) When moving from your original destination, how did you go about finding a haulage company to move your possessions over? I've made several searches but it's tricky finding companies that can give you a decent estimate and which ones are the most reliable. I noticed it's miles cheaper to ship your stuff by sea but God knows how long that'd take!

- What are the rules re. obtaining a driving license over there in Georgia? I've read that I have to apply for an international driving permit but it all depends on what the rules are in the state you're living in? Again it's one of those things that I seem to be getting contradictory information on!

Any help is really appreciated guys, I'm really looking forward to getting in to the expat community there and meeting some of you!


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