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Get software product for free! (Atlanta)


I am Ksenia PR and Communication Expert at Kromtech Alliance.

I am writing to you to tell you a little about our great new PC-maintenance program called PCKeeper Live, and to offer you a chance to try it right now for free. In order to publicize our product and build trust within the PC community, we are looking for honest user-testimonials from reputable organizations and reviewers like yourself.

I would be happy, If you have an interest to participate, I could give you free life time license key and ask for small testimonial feedback) how do you find it that I could place on our website.

Here is link to it Protected content

For anyone willing to take a little time to write a review of our program, we are offering a free lifetime license for PCKeeper Live. We know that a little word-of-mouth can go a long way in a world in which everyone is constantly connected, and we are confident that if you try our product, you will enjoy it and want to tell others about your experience.

What is PCKeeper Live?

PCKeeper Live is a powerful new program that scans for PC security, performance and cleaning issues. What makes our software truly innovative and special is the expert assistance we offer to all of our users. PCKeeper Live users have direct access to their own Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, who reviews the results of their PC scans and creates personalized solutions that can be applied with just one click.

We think that PCKeeper Live is an invaluable piece of software for all PC users because it offers a type of personal and professional service that no other software can. Our experts can help users understand what went wrong with their computers and can spot sophisticated problems that no automated software can identify or fix. There is also an integrated chat feature in the software that allows our Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts to explain to users in real time what issues have been discovered and to answer any questions users may have 24/7.

Let me know to Protected content if you like to get license key he and tell us how do you find your product and I will send you it.

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