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Graduate student aspiring to work internationally (Atlanta)

Hi everyone! This is my first thread post as an InterNations member so please bear with me.

I am currently in graduate school pursuing my International MBA on the Spanish language track from the University of Memphis (Atlanta is the closest InterNations Community). My goal is to work in emerging Latin American markets for a U.S. based multinational in Market Development, Operations, or Supply Chain/Logistics. I'm still trying to pinpoint the specific industry and sector I hope to work in though. My program requires that I intern abroad in a Spanish speaking country for the summer. Unfortunately, I have come to find how difficult it is for an international student to intern in a country where it is probably much easier to hire domestically. I was hoping to get some advice and perhaps personal insights from some of you, as I have nearly exhausted my personal network and the application rejections are becoming disheartening.

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