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Looking for a job (EAD) (Atlanta)

Hi everyone

As I'm currently looking for a job and unfortunately having huge problems with it some questions pop up to my mind. As I guess many of you are in the same situation (or have been there already) I thought that you might be able to advice on this matter.

a) do you or did you have any problems with finding a job on EAD (I'm getting many offers from agencies but at the end it occur that those are either for green card holders or citizens only)?

b) although I have some experience (almost 3 years in corporate reporting and data analysis) it's gained in Europe. Do employers treat it equally?

c) how do foreign universities are seen here? Are these just a "second category" thing?

d) can you advice any companies eager to hire expats (agencies too)?

Sorry for a bit long thread, and thank you for any answers in advance.


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