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Moving to Atlanta from England!

Hi guys! My name is Patrick and I’m new to the community here. I currently reside in the United Kingdom still but I’m currently waiting on the outcome of my fiancé visa petition so I can finally join my partner of nearly 4 years in Atlanta. I wanted to join the expat community not only so I could build up acquaintances before heading out but also to see if anyone was willing to offer any advice to someone who doesn’t really know anyone that’s had to go through the same experience! I was curious to see if anyone else in the community has been through the K1-fiance visa process and has any advice to newcomers to the United States, indeed to the Atlanta area, such as on the green card process, where to look for medical insurance and where to look for affordable places to live.

Any help is really, really appreciated, I’m so excited to be coming over but obviously it’s a huge move and there’s a lot of things about it I’m cautious and unsure about! If anyone wanted to get in contact with me I can shoot you my email and Skype address, it’d be lovely to hear from you!

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