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Need International Talent / Interns? (Atlanta)

If your company or organization is in need of international talent, expertise, cultural outreach, language support --OR-- you are just looking for expert project based resources for planned timelines...

AIESEC is growing again in Atlanta. With Local Committees at Georgia Tech, UGA and Georgia State University connected to a network of over Protected content to source talent from, AIESEC can find almost anything. Little known facts about AIESEC:

1. It is entirely student-run, non-profit (in the US, Protected content
2. Traineeships (Internships) can be from 8 weeks to 18 months long
3. Employers can specify skill sets, education/work experience, language skills and regions, country of origin or native-language-of-origin (such as "Spanish Speaking World")
4. AIESEC is one of the few non-governmental organizations in the J-1 Visa program. AIESEC handles the entire Visa process for you (no immigration attorneys needed) for interns sourced through AIESEC.
5. You do not incur costs for FICA, FUTA, etc.
6. AIESEC handles health insurance for the interns to meet requirements.
7. AIESEC's reception program is responsible for helping the intern with greeting/arrival, housing, Social Security registration, finding transportation and ongoing events and social network with AIESEC members and other trainees in Atlanta.
8. AIESEC Local Committees around the world go through significant screening efforts to put the best candidates in the pool. You can see this first hand by participating in a Review Board here locally to see how we are screening U.S. students put into the international pool.
9. AIESEC can provide references from Atlanta companies with trainees here today.
10. AIESEC is the largest student-run organization in the world in over Protected content .
11. Because of its diversity, AIESEC trainees can start any time of year so you are not tied to the U.S. college calendar as you might be with U.S. sourced interns.
12. AIESEC interns will build diversity and cultural understanding in your company while saving $$ vs. hiring full time or U.S. sourced interns, especially for project based work.
13. Many AIESEC employers intend for the trainee to return to work for the company full-time in their home country -- this can be specified as the intent from the beginning, but no obligation. A great way to instill the local office's knowledge and culture in a potential future employee in another country.

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