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Working in Atyrau

Expats thinking about working in Atyrau could find positions online in the gas and oil sector because it is the biggest in the city. Like with almost all the countries you would need to ask for a work permit before so read about it and also about job hunting and income taxation in our guide.

Job Hunting in Atyrau

Finding a job in Atyrau as a foreigner can be challenging, however there are a few different resources available to help the job hunting process faster and smoother. Many expats seeking work in Atyrau use job search websites such as Job Kazak  to find and apply for vacancies. It is important to have an impressive and up to date CV in order to catch potential employer’s eyes and make yourself stand out. It is important to be aware that companies are first required to employ local workforce.

The gas and oil sector is a big business in Atyrau, and it is worth checking for openings in this industry at websites such as Oilandgaspeople

Another handy way to find employment in the city is to search online and in local newspapers (including Ak Zhayk) for advertisements from people looking to learn English. If English is your first language, then there are plenty of opportunities to teach the language to private tutor students.

Work Permits for Atyrau

All expats intending on working in Atyrau will need to be in possession of a valid work permit, as well as of a work visa.

Foreigners who fall into one of the following categories will be eligible to obtain a work permit: workers from overseas who are performing support work in coalition with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; foreigners who have an official letter of invitation from a corporation registered in Kazakhstan; and expats who have been assigned to work in Kazakhstan from a company which is registered overseas. 

Dependent family members of a work permit holder will also be permitted residency in Atyrau. These visas will be issued for either single, double, triple or multiple entrances into the country. More advice and further details can be obtained from the nearest Kazakh embassy.

Income Taxation in Atyrau

Everyone living and working in Atyrau is liable to pay personal income tax. Any foreign person who has resided in Kazakhstan for a minimum of 183 days in a 12 month period is officially considered to be a permanent resident. All income is subject to a 10% tax rate, regardless of income amount, with the exception of dividends. Dividends are instead charged a flat rate of 5% for residents and 15% for non-residents. Individuals who generate income from business activities and investments are subject to a special tax regime. More information on this can be obtained from the official tax authority website.

It is also important to note that benefits granted to employees by their employer, whether they are received in kind or as material benefits, are considered taxable income. This includes providing services or items at a reduced rate, writing off personal debts and the receipt of property free of charge, such as work vehicles.

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