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Cost, Taxes and expenses in Auckland

I have got an offer to work in Auckland/NZ for 3 years from my company. This means I will need to move in there with my family (Wife and 2 kids of 8 yrs and 3 yrs). With my limited knowledge, I have seen that taxes and cost of living is quite high in Auckland.

Can someone give me some idea as how much I should be earning to cater following:
1. Affording a 2 bed room apartment (furnished with utilities etc.)
2. Cost of education of kids
3. What taxes I will need to pay and are there any tax benefits/rebates for kids and non working partner/wife
4. cost of grocessaries and food
5. Cost of a decent car and maintenance etc
6. Cost of medical

and so on.

I would really appreciate if someone can guide me based on their experiences. I will be coming on Work Permit.

Thanks and Regards,

Gopesh R.

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