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Disability Support Services for ADS and ADD Kids. (Auckland)


Hi all,

My family and I hope to relocate to Auckland in Protected content Montreal, Canada.

My seven-year-old son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism back in Protected content . All families of children diagnosed with ASD here get $500/month; no matter what the severity, no matter what the family income.

My ten-year-old has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and SID (Sensory Integration Dysfunction) but we get nothing financially for that.

My questions are:

Will my ASD son's diagnosis be recognized in NZ?
Will we receive financial compensation?
What services are available for ASD and ADD/SID kids in NZ?

Children here in Montreal are extremely kind and taught from a very young age about autism and tolerance. In general, is there acceptance of these special kids in NZ?

Any information you have would be helpful!

Thank you,

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