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Germany or New Zealand? (Auckland)

Hello you all,

I have an opportunity to work in either New Zealand or Germany. In New Zealand, I'd be in a small farming community, with a great job, great pay, and an apartment paid for. I think it's a really great career opportunity. My other option is in a large city in Germany- the job is not as great, but has great perks, and I'd be in a really lovely city.

Reading the internet forums, I noticed there are a lot of disillusioned and disappointed expats in New Zealand. I am wondering- if given my circumstances- I would fall into the category of those expats. I know I will like Hamburg, but what's less clear to me is whether I will enjoy New Zealand (Never Been). I like the outdoors but it seems like people are unhappy with the society in NZ.

If anyone can give me some clarity on this, it would be appreciated! Expats mostly seem unhappy with the wages, taxes, quality of home ownership, rising crime, attitudes towards outsiders, etc.

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