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I need all of your opinions (Auckland)


I hope you could help me with my situation, i am a bachelor's degree holder and had been working in a 5 star Resort Hotel in Dubai for 2 years and been working in Florida for about 4 months and i really feel humiliated, unfair for my part and really i felt down and very worst, as i was just being terminated yesterday morning by the owner/employer of the restaurant because he said i was not fit for the job and he was still doing the manager's job and straight forward yesterday morning @ 11:00 in the morning he told me that and gave me Protected content for the 4 days i have been working in the restaurant and after i told him okay because i really don't want to cause trouble because we were just in the corner and it's an open area and some people were there and i just left the premises. It was unfair in my part that he terminated me because what of what he said. Supposed to be that day he will give me the written contract that i will sign because i have been informing him for the past days about my contract and it seems he forgets or i don't know what is his reason, so last Sunday i send him a message again to remind him that i want to sign my contact so i will know also my responsibilities and boundaries in what shall i do, because in the first place when i get in the workplace he never oriented me or designate me task to do and when i also suggest and ask task that i will do it he will just let other colleague to do it because i was just a new guy, so it was fine with me and until yesterday i was really hoping to sign the contract but instead he terminated me. He even introduces me to the guy that is on trial that day that i am the manager of the restaurant and he said that if you have some questions you have to ask me not him yet because it's his first day. I was really shocked of what had happened because i never thought that it will happened here in New Zealand, i am having a working holiday visa for the moment and i never thought that i will be offered a full time permanent job here in New Zealand, but when we have a verbal agreement i was really happy that he will help me to change the conditions of my visa and to stay longer here in New Zealand and i have informed my family and friends for the great news that came and suddenly this happens i really don't know how to face all of them i really felt very very bad, low and down for what had happened. It's like 4 days and he judge me like that and without any orientation for my job as a manager and never give me what are my responsibilities and boundaries and without any warning at all and the time that i will be suggesting and asking it's like he will say we are doing here is like this and like that so i felt like okay i will wait for what you will have to say because i'm trying to start with those because i believe it is really important thing to do to manage the team well but never given a chance.

I am really shocked about this here in New Zealand.

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