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immigration NZ (Auckland)

Hi guys hope you all well and enjoying festival season .
just need your advice i am from south Africa and was busy with migration agent to migrate to New Zealand . see below mail from him he asking me to fly to new Zealand I can look for job there and get job offer then I can apply for work visa ?
what’s possibility to get is there any chances for ?


On Tuesday, December 9, Protected content AM, Andy Kerr < Protected content wrote:

Morning Jay,

As discussed in our meetings, the New Zealand process, unless you are on the long term skills shortage list, is based on the applicant receiving an offer of employment to start the process of applying for a work visa and then a residency visa. In at least 80% of cases, applicants are required to fly to New Zealand to formalise that offer of employment and 9 out of 10 that do, are successful.

I understand the responses that you are getting, because it is normal. Hence the requirement in most cases is to fly to New Zealand. Even then, it is a process where perseverance and persistence is the key to success. The average person, once landed, usually take between Protected content to secure an offer of employment.

Jay respectfully, this was explained to you in detail from the beginning. It is currently Christmas month and as most people are going on leave shortly, I think pushing job search at this stage is not going to be of benefit. My suggestion would be to enjoy your Christmas break, start actively job hunting again in mid- January and if not successful from this side, plan a trip to NZ in March.

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