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Move to and work in New Zealand (Auckland)


Me and my family have decided that we want to move to New Zealand. Our plan is to stay indefinitely. To do this there are a few things we must get sorted first. For starters I need a job so I can provide for my family while my wife will study to become a schoolteacher.

I´ve started a LinkedIn account, a "Seek" profile and I´m also looking for work at "Trademe". I´ve called New Zealands embassy and I´ve read a lot of info at (we´ve also registered there). It seems like for me to get a workvisa I must first get a joboffer. The problem with this is that the employers that have answered me asks me if I got a workvisa or if I´m currently in New Zealand already. Same thing with residence, there are no law that acquire me to have a job in order to get a lease but the landlords wants of course see that I got a job so we can pay rent. When I called New Zealands infoservice on visa questions they told me that welder (as I am) is on the skilled shortage list in Canterbury! And maybe there is use for my skills elsewere.

This is great news because I have a great resume and coverletter and we are willing to pack all our belongings, send them across the world and start a new life, all of us, me, my wife, our daughters of 3 years, and our twins of 4 months. We wouldn´t do this if we weren´t prepared to give it all. And of course, for us to say goodbye to family and friends, quit job and school, cancel all subscriptions and sign of our home, we must first have a solid plan.

Therefore we reach out to all New Zealanders, or Swedes in New Zealand who already done this, and ask you for help so we can fulfill our destiny!

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