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Moving to NZ? Be sure to bring... (Auckland)

1. Take along Protected content of Any meds or vitamins you take on a regular basis. Some medications are not exactly the ones you have at home (we found that out with our son's prescp)

For example: Per his M.D., our son takes Melatonin to help him sleep; in the USA it is over the counter - in NZ it is by an M.D prescp. His doctor here told us to buy it online at IHERB to save money (its expensive here).

2. Bite the bullet and mail (by slow boat) your favorite jeans, jackets, down comforters, and pillow. Yes it is hot now, but the weather will be changed to fall and winter in a heartbeat - you Will need them. (Damp in winter and no central heating here, remember?)

Oh? and your favorite Wool sweaters (called jumpers here) don't forget them.

a. Why? NZ has wonderful woolen lamb sweaters, right?

Yes, but no local KIWI I know buys them at $ Protected content a sweater. (Only the tourists do)

3. Ladies bring at least 3 months of your favorite perfume, makeup and skin creams. I found I can't get my John Freida hair shampoo here. (Or my Boucheron perfume)

4. Suggestion? Get your local bank account as soon as you arrive. It just makes life easier. And get an Epos card (Debit card from your new bank). You will be asked to use it everywhere.

5. Have access to at least $ Protected content for renting your new place, renting a car, and just getting your feet on the ground.

Ponsonby, New Market (Central Auckland has the bar scene if you are a single and want to socialize...a beer is between $6 and 8.00 dollars. A Flat White (coffee) and a sandwich at lunch will cost an average of $15.00 plus dollars....

6. Here is an example of where funds go when you first rent a house or flat - Do not assume you will have a frig, stove, washer (let alone a dryer) supplied in your rental. Most places don't - you buy your own. (Ah avoid Harvey Norman if you can, they see you coming, grin)

7. Get everything in writing in your rental lease. Take Nothing for granted. (Take photos of your rental as well, when you do your initial walk through)

Weekly rent Protected content 650.00
Bond Protected content
Letting Fee Protected content Protected content
Total Move In Costs:
Protected content

Oh? The above listing is not made up. I took it off an ad in the local listing.

8. And ignore TradeMe on line for a while. Why? Everything is way over priced, and if you find something you Would like to buy, how will you get it home?

9. Briscoes is costly, Farmers is worse - Kmart has limited "stuff" but is open until 10 pm every night..everything else closes early.

Most stores have "late hours" until 8 pm - on Thursday

Happy move. Welcome to New Zealand


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