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new life (Auckland)

Hi everyone! I'm taking an interest about the possibility to live in New Zealand. I'm thinking to Auckland because (probably) if offer more chances. Anyway, I'm a vet with 8 years of work (inspection of animal foods) and other degree (specific for animal foods) and a postgraduate (about fish..). Like you can see, I need to improve my English, at first. My idea is to ask unpayed leave from work for some months to understand if I could have the possibility to have an engagement and to check the opportunity to settle in NZ. Every advice is appreciated. I saw in NZ-website that I have to do the recognition of my degree(s). Do you now if this could be a right beginning? What are the steps to do before arrive in NZ wity my purpose? I'm willing to stay Protected content to improve the language before to search an employment, that will not be inherent to my qualifications, only. I'm not interest to money, but to find a good place to live. Do you know if there is the possibility to stay Protected content in NZ without have a job. My intention would be to stay that period with an part-time job and, meanwhile, looking for a definitive employment.. How I can do this? Thanks for attention and sorry if I'm been confusing (i'm a little bit..!)

Have a nice week!


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