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Tell me everything you know (Auckland)

Hello, My name is James, I'm a 25 year old American looking to take a plunge and move to New Zealand.

I have traveled the world fairly extensively ( at least for most Americans my age ) having been to southern Europe, the middle east and Africa while serving in the US Armed Forces. I have yet to actually live outside the borders of this country though. I miss the excitement that comes with International travel and hope to experience more by being based out side of the USA.

With the current state of the US government and the budget "sequester" I will most likely be laid off from my current job in April. I have no children,spouse and no debt and see this as a perfect opportunity to move to "The land(s) down under"

My biggest concern is employment. I am an Air Traffic Controller and hold Control Tower Operator licenses for 3 separate airports in America. New Zealand is one of the few countries that hires and employs foreign ATC's but unfortunately they are not hiring at this time or in the near future according to their website.

In the US ATC's have been known to work in the Safety or Operations Departments of airlines, working in emergency dispatch centers or anywhere a person is requires to work under high levels of stress and a high level of attention to detail or an extensive knowledge of aviation regulations.

My job search has been limited to what I can find through Google and hasn't turned up much that fit my qualifications and even less which will hire a foreigner without a visa. If anyone can point me in a good direction I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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