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What about NZ downsides? In a constructive way... (Auckland)

Hi, I'm giving my first steps to be (hopefully) an Expat in NZ.

Many of us at some point of our lives wish to have a restart and embrace new challenges, adventures... For that some of us become Expats somewhere.
For me New Zealand is the country of choice.

Meanwhile, when we "Expats to be" ask questions, Expats tend to talk mostly about the good things about the country.

I would also like to hear from you already Expats talk, in a good way, about New Zealand's downsides.
When I say "in a good way" I mean talk about what is not so good about the country but in a constructive way, already approaching possible ways to improve, respecting what I believe is a common feeling among Expats: be willing to give a positive contribute to the country they have chosen to live in.
Hope to hear from you, regards

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