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Considering relocating to Augsburg from USA

Hello, my partner and I are wanting to make a move to Germany at the end of this Protected content , and Augsburg is on the list of considerations.

I will be retaining my job in the US and working remotely, while my partner will need to find employment locally (he's a college graduate). Since this will be a move to decrease our cost of living (live simpler, save and travel more!), we'd like to keep our housing costs at Protected content . We won't have a vehicle at least for the first six months while we get acquainted, so it's important to be near the city center or close to areas with shops/markets, etc, especially because my partner will likely need to take transport or walk to a job.

We'd like to be in a smaller city, one that's rich with culture and history. We aren't club-goers, and prefer exploring the local sights, restaurant, parks, cinemas, etc.

Other cities on our list are:


I would very much value any local insight, as we have no friends or family in Germany, and are just beginning to learn the language. Thank you so much in advice for your thoughts!

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