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Dual Nationality for Spain (Austin)

Hello everyone!

I am really new to InterNations. My family and I are trying to relocate to Spain, where I was born and lived until I was 3 years old. I am trying to find anyone who may be able to assist me in some difficulties I've been having. I am desperately seeking answers on my dual citizenship, or lack thereof. I have been avoided and dodged by the Spanish consular in Houston for a week now. I cannot get any answers at all!! I have tried locations in other states, and they do not answer, or they are very rude to me, stating that I can only field questions through the Houston location. It is clear to me that there is no one at the Houston consulate that cares to answer any of my questions. It would be very difficult for me to drive out to Houston during the week, because it is a very long drive, and I have two kids in school. If anyone can help me figure out which visa I need to apply for, in order to reclaim my dual nationality (I know that I need to live in Spain, legally, for at least a year in order to do so) please please please let me know! I am so frustrated and just don't know what to do at all! I really wish that there were middle men(or women) to speak to consulars on our behalf, because they obviously don't give a DAMN about any of us! Thank you, I appreciate any help or advice possible.

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